Miriam Lancewood

Miriam Lancewood was born in a Dutch village in 1983. After completing her university degree, she worked for a year in Zimbabwe, then traveled to India where she met her now husband Peter.
Peter had resigned from his job as university lecturer in New Zealand and had moved to India to live like a ‘modern nomad’. He had lived five years in India when they met.
Together they hiked over eight mountains ranges in the Himalaya, journeyed for years through South East Asia, including Papua New Guinea. Eventually they ended up in Peter’s home country: New Zealand.
Miriam worked for a year as a PE teacher, then they decided to live in the wilderness.
In 2010 they gave up all their worldly belongings and moved into the mountains with a tent and bow and arrow.
They wanted to learn how to survive in the high forested mountains, and find out what happens to body and mind when living in the beauty of the wildest nature on earth.
Initially they planned one year, but it ended up being seven years.

Since Miriam met Peter in 2006, they traveled, lived and walked in many different countries. Their 18 years of joined nomadic lifestyle has brought them wild insights, inter-generational ideas and inter-cultural views. At present they live in a shepherds cottage in the Rodopi mountains in Bulgaria.


Miriam’s memoir WOMAN IN THE WILDERNESS (2017) became an International Bestseller and was translated into Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, French and German. The sequel WILD AT HEART came out in 2020. Have a look at “Books” in the menu above.

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