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Ultimate security, feels to me like a prison
Peter: Stories of India.
Peter says, “Civilization is noisy”
“What is freedom?”
Floortje Dessing mentions Miriam in her latest publication “Heimwee moet je koesteren”.
The world is a big place and you should see some of it!
Lynx Vilden, Stone-age projects, skills and book ‘Return’.
The weather has an immediate effect on our mood

Washing my hair with urine

We had to go through boredom in order to slow down.
Do you feel your life is mediocre? if so, it means you know you are capable of making a change.
The hunting and gathering instinct is still in us
Segment from Ben fogle, ‘Return to the wild’. Peter: “The greatest crime I can do against myself is to waste time, cause I haven’t got much of it really”.
How to make a tripod, to cook your food?
Have we lost our intuitive sense of timing?

Segment from Ben Fogle, Return to the wild 2023
Segment from Ben Fogle, Return to the wild 2023
Eating a “pest” in New Zealand
A conversation I remember well with Ben Fogle
Confidence is often based on comparison
How to survive (financially) in London
Our Meta-Question when living in the NZ wilderness
My song Wild at heart
How to make flatbread
Miriam goes busking in Plovdiv
Experiencing a different dimension of time in the wilderness of New Zealand
“One day you have to take off, in order to be free.”
ow to get strong? By living naturally
What skills do you have??
Go and hitchhike the world !
How is Peter doing? 2023
‘Wilder Journeys Book’ Miriam’s 3rd publication
Last summer in New Zealand.
Pictures from John Bozinov
Looking through another person’s eyes
Why you should leave First World Countries
Feeling alive – when living in the forest
A new word: being “bonsaied”