Miriam and Peter lived in a house for the first time in 9 years.
Wouter Deboot visits them for the Belgium TV show “Crossing Oceania” in 2019.


Floortje Dessing March 2020 “Terug naar het einde van de wereld”


Floortje Dessing Terug naar het einde van de wereld

 Floortje verteld over haar bezoek aan Miriam Lancewood in De wereld draait door.


Hong Kong December 2019 South China Morning Post Interview with Kate Whitehead

Hong Kong November 2019 SCMP Interview about Mental Health with Nan-Hie In.

Hong Kong October 2019 South China Morning Post Television Interview with Alkira Reinfrank

En Marge Du Monde,” a television series in Canada came to film Miriam Lancewood during her Epic Female Expedition. 
Watch it online on the TV5 website.  

Epic Female Expedition 2019

EPIC FEMALE EXPEDITION. Miriam Lancewood went with Tamar Valkenier on an Epic Female Expedition in the alpine wilderness of New Zealand.
For more than two months they survived on hunting and gathering with only a rod and rifle. Have a look on youtube for the  little video. 


Listen here to the Not starving Artist Podcast with Angie Nol.
“Her book is one of the most inspirational, funny and honest books I’ve had the pleasure of reading in a long time and it’s definitely a recommended read.”
Angie Nol.

Epic Female Expedition Miriam Lancewood (167)

Ben Fogle:
“I found the book ‘Woman in the Wilderness’ intriguing and mesmerising’,
and Miriam and Peter are the freeest people I have met.”


Ben Fogle came to visit Miriam and Peter in Bulgaria
in 2018 for New Lives in the Wild.


                                   Have a look on YOUTUBE for more TV fragments.


Mark Crysell: “WOMAN IN THE WILDERNESS is a superbly well written book. 
 The story is just so unique and fascinating.”  


Conversations with Richard Fidler

Richard Fidler






Floortje Dessing [Naar het einde van de wereld] came to visit Miriam’s home, the wilderness.

Click on the following link to watch the Dutch episode [Naar het einde van de wereld], “To the end of the world” 2017.