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Ben Fogle came to visit Miriam and Peter for the second time for RETURN TO THE WILD 2023. 

Ben Fogle, Return to the wild 2023

Floortje Dessing came to visit Miriam and Peter in 2016 and 2019 and wrote about it in her latest book “Heimwee moet je koesteren”.

WOMENS RADIO UK ‘Get booked’                  for Wilder Journeys 


Dutch podcast Oersterk met Richard de Leth 


 New York Gallery Anastasia Global  2021.

TV NZ  2020



Floortje Dessing 2019
click here to watch the episode “Terug naar het einde van de wereld”

Dubai literature festival 2020. Miriam Lancewood Emirates Entertainment

Hong Kong literature festival 2019


En Marge Du Monde,” came during the Epic Female Expedition 2019. TV5 website.  

En marge du Monde, Canada

Ben Fogle came to visit Miriam and Peter 
  in 2018 for New Lives in the Wild.

Click here to watch on UK CHANNEL5

Ben Fogle New Lives in the wild - Bulgaria





Miriam Lancewood with Richard Fidler, 2017


Floortje Dessing came to visit Miriam’s home: the wilderness.

Click HERE to watch the first episode in 2017 with Floortje Dessing, “Naar het einde van de wereld”. 

Miriam Lancewood was invited to the following Literary Festivals around the globe

2020 Christchurch Writers Festival New Zealand

2020 WOMAD international music festival NZ

2020 Nelson Writers festival, New Zealand

2020 Online Writers Festival (due to Covid) Newcastle, Australia

2020 LitFest Hong Kong

2019 Emirates Literary Festivals, Dubai

2019 Writers festival Auckland, New Zealand

2019 Writers Festival, Dunedin, New Zealand

2018 School of Life Event, Sydney, Australia

2018 School of Life Event, Melbourne, Australia

2018 Byron Bay writers Festival, Australia

2018 Edinburgh Science Festival, Scotland