Wild Warrior Woman Workshop In Cyprus

27 February until 5 March 2022

This 6 day workshop is for women who feel they need to re-connect with their wild roots and feed from them.

What does wild mean to you? How do you keep your inner fire alive? How do you connect with others without losing yourself? Where do you find the courage to make real changes in your life? Can you reconnect with your natural instincts? How do you become strong and free, yet vulnerable, sensual and loving? How and when do you become your authentic self? 

Let these questions find their way into your heart, as you find your way into the wild places of Cyprus. 

Let your intuition guide you as you walk on the trails of goddess Aphrodite.

Soothed by the ocean, cleansed by the breeze, 

encouraged by the others, you will be guided to find the source of your inner strength.

Together, we will look into the depth of our naked heart, and dare to take the sword in our own hands. We will face our fears, and dive into darkness. We will light our inner fire – with songs, stories and laughter. 

If you dare to make this journey with us, you are worthy of being a Wild Woman Warrior. 

We are looking forward meeting you in March in Cyprus. 

Springtime at Aphrodite Eco Campsite, Cyprus


We will camp at the seaside, sleep on the ground, swim in the sea and walk the earth barefoot. 


Like our ancestors, we will share our history by singing and story telling. 

In the women’s circle we will share our dreams and desires, fears and concerns. 


We’ll offer physical and mental exercises that teach you how to be strong and defend yourself when necessary. 

Aphrodite Eco Campsite, Cyprus


Miriam Lancewood

Miriam Lancewood and her husband Peter Raine, survived for 7 years in the wilderness of New Zealand. They moved around like nomads, slept in a tent, cooked on a fire and Miriam learned how to hunt with bow and arrow. They wanted to find out what happens to body and 

mind when living far away from civilisation.

Her memoir “Woman in the Wilderness” became an international Bestseller, the sequel “Wild at heart” was published November 2020.

This year, Peter and Miriam recide in Europe and Miriam would like to share her experiences with others. 

She aims to inspire women to find the courage to make the necessary changes to become natural again.

For more information: miriamlancewood.com 

Eleni Michail

Eleni Michail

Eleni is a Mindfulness Teacher, a Soul Mentor and an Educator passionate about inspiring change and supporting people to tune into their authenticity and lead meaningful lives. 

She believes that every person is uniquely gifted 

and wonder-ful. Through her work she dedicatedly creates a space in which people can reconnect with their inner wisdom, as well as the wisdom of the Earth.

She studied Primary School Teaching and holds a master’s degree in Educational Management and Leadership. 

She has 11 years of experience in organizing and delivering local and international educational programmes based on experiential learning. 

In her work, she uses elements of Positive Psychology and Eco-centric development. 

She works a lot with nature and outdoor experiential learning, offering opportunities for growth for children, young people and adults.

For more information: http://www.elenimichail.com

Sunrise, Aphrodite Eco Campsite

Who should attend?

This workshop welcomes women above 18 years of age who are ready to meet their inner wild warrior woman.

Practical Information


Arrival: 26th Feb- Saturday

1) 27th Feb -Sunday
2) 28th Feb- Monday
3) 1st March- Tuesday
4) 2nd March – Wednesday
5) 3rd March- Thursday
6) 4th March- Friday

Departure: 5th March- Saturday


Campsite at Aphrodite Eco-camping, next to Aphrodite’s baths, the deep blue sea, the blooming national park of Akamas. 

Aphrodite Eco Campsite
Restaurant at Aphrodite Eco Campsite


Campsite. Please bring your own tent, mat and sleeping bag. 


During the programme we will be enjoying healthy, empowering and delicious vegan food, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our team “Eat vegan all day” will be preparing for us local, seasonal and absolutely nutritional food. Food will be cooked with love and care especially for you.


You are welcome to land at any airport in Cyprus (Larnaca or Paphos) that suits you and then travel to Paphos by any means of transportation you prefer. We will arrange pick-ups from Paphos

to the venue on the arrival day and drive you back to Paphos on the departure day.


750 euro for early birds (before 15 December 2021)

850 euro for late birds

Please note.

Participants are responsible for their own travel expenses and insurance.

What Is Included

• 6 days of daily workshops

• Full board accommodation for 7 nights (daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks)

• Transports from/to Paphos

• Support with covid-19 testing (if required)


There are limited places for this unique workshop. We encourage you to apply as early as possible to ensure your spot.

The last deadline for applying is the 1st of February 2022. 


Please contact us via the contact form below for more information.  

Aphrodite Eco Campsite, Cyprus