Sing in the wild Workshop Bulgaria


Miriam Lancewood and professional mezzo soprano Jennifer Brisk will be hosting a unique workshop this autumn in Bulgaria – a workshop about singing in the wild.

The aim of this week in the Rodopi mountains, is to reconnect with nature and to reconnect with your own voice.

Saturday 24 Sept: Arrival in Gudevitsa at 4 pm
Day 1, Sunday 25 Sept
Day 2 Monday 26 Sept
Day 3 Tuesday 27 Sept
Day 4 Wednesday 28 Sept
Day 5 Thursday 29 Sept
Day 6 Friday 30 Sept
Saturday 1 October: Departure, back to Sofia

Costs: 600 euro. This includes accommodation and 3 meals a day, cooked by a professional chef.

Transport: (optional)
an extra 50 euro for an organized bus from Sofia to Gudevitsa and back.

The sacred is the mysterious background of reality that is always there – yet so seldom touched. Pristine forest, wild rivers and high mountains can move you to that which is beyond thought. Sound, music and your own voice, can lead you to the sacred.
In this week, in the far away mountains, we explore our inner doors to our hidden chambers. We will slow down and be in tune with the forest. Our bodies will be at ease, we will be creative, sensitive to one another, yet feel powerful and strong within. We will stretch, we will let the arrows fly, and sing with the birds. We will walk in darkness and light a fire. We will be silent.
And then we sing.

This course is about sharing, giving and receiving. It’s about joy, laughter, being silly, and being happy.
After this week you will feel aligned and in tune, loved and in love. You will smile at the nonsensical, and then walk towards what is truly important in life. You will have discovered the silence of nature, the power of your own voice, and the joy of being together in harmony.

Activities include singing, forest bathing, creative writing, archery, vocal exercises and breath work, performance in small groups, mountain hiking, drama and singing practices, fire lighting, discovering harmony in sounds and tunes, sharing stories and eating delicious healthy food.

Everyone is welcome but there are limited spaces, the maximum number of participants is fifteen. A background in music or singing is not required, and the physical activities are not strenuous. You just need courage to venture into the unknown.

Apply for participation via this contact form:

About the facilitators

Miriam Lancewood (1983) 
After traveling the world for four years, Miriam Lancewood left civilization in 2010. Together with her husband Peter Raine they survived seven years in the wilderness of New Zealand without any technology, not even a clock. They roamed around like nomads, cooked on a fire, slept in a tent and Miriam learned to hunt with bow and arrow.

Her memoir Woman in the Wilderness became an international Bestseller, and recently she wrote a sequel called Wild at Heart.
Miriam grew up with music, and earned a living with busking for some years. To her, nature reveals the mysterious origin of life, and music is a powerful tool to discover the sacred. During the week she will share many stories and insights about her time in the wilderness.
Miriam and Peter live at the moment in an off-grid shepherd cottage in the Rodopi mountains of Bulgaria with their dog Betsi Fletsi and cat King Kotka and big vegetable garden.

“At first when living in the wilderness, our mind had to slow down. Only when reaching the natural rhythm of being, we experienced a different dimension of time – what the Greek call Kairos. In that state one feels deeply connected to nature, and the world becomes quite magical.”
Miriam Lancewood

Jennifer Brisk (1983)

Jennifer Brisk (MMus BMus BA) is a professional classical singer and has performed in operatic, chamber and oratorio concerts and festivals with renowned conductors and directors.
She has been teaching singing for almost 15 years. In that time she conducted many choirs and directed musical theatre groups.

Jennifer has a special interest in music therapy and the health benefits of singing. She worked with people who suffer from physical and mental issues like Parkinson’s. Jennifer’s approach is holistic, her passion is to connect people with their mind, body and soul.

In her professional carreer, Jennifer had to overcome performance anxiety. She learned to work intensely in this higher state of consciousness that is called the ‘flow’, and was able to eliminate fear while standing in front of a large orchestra, choir and audience. She now longs to give the gift of flow to others.

Prior to her Music studies Jennifer gained a BA in English Literature. She enjoys writing poetry and prose.

She now lives in Tuscany with her husband and daughter and their dog Griffin.
As a singer/song writer she uses the combination of nature connection and music as her creative muse.

“If you can connect and align your body and mind into the right state by breathing correctly, then your brain and body shift into a slightly altered state of consciousness.”
Jennifer Brisk.

“Miriam truly understand freedom and love. She shares her knowledge and experience with passion, humor and kindness.” Maggie.

“Miriam gently but powerfully encouraged me to push my boundaries and let go of things that were holding me back. She encouraged me to take the steps needed to live the life I want and feel truly alive. I found more inner freedom.
Being part of a group where everyone is pushing personal boundaries and is sharing throughout the process has been a magical experience.
Also, Miriam’s great questions, clear vision, curiosity and views on life are very inspiring. She is an amazing guide throughout the process.”
Loes, The Netherlands
“The course with Miriam was one of the best weeks of my life. Her radiant vitality inspired me to rediscover my own physical strength. The week was filled with warm company, sharing, laughter and deep insights. In the evening Miriam took her guitar and to my surprise she turned out to be a talented singer. What a beautiful voice!” PATRICIA
“Miriam is a very enthusiastic and free person. She invites you to reflect on the choices you made in life, with an open and inspiring attitude.” Ann, Belgium.
“Being around Miriam makes everyone’s heart sing, and listen to tones they’ve never heard before. Her bright and fun personality is absolutely contagious. Miriam is a great teacher and a source of infinite inspiration.” Nathalie, Zwitserland
Miriam is able to create a safe learning environment, in which I felt free to explore my abilities. She’s so encouraging, and everything becomes enjoyable. Han, Bulgaria.