Philosophy in Nature – course 2022

Re-evaluation of all values
7 day course in Bulgaria

“If you are feeling lost in a world where you don’t belong, or out of options; the philosophy course will get you to break through your conditioned mental boundaries and give you a whole new perspective on what is possible. Tools to rewrite your life.”
Shawn, Canada


Dates: 13-20 September 2022

In 2010 Peter Raine and Miriam Lancewood left modern civilization to live in the wilderness of New Zealand – with not much more than a pack, a tent and a bow and arrow.
One year became seven, and eventually they hiked 5000 km through New Zealand and Europe.
Presently the couple reside in an off-grid shepherd’s cottage in the Rodopi mountains in Bulgaria.

After a decade of leading a rigorous life in the wild, Peter and Miriam would like to share their unique perspective and stories in Gudevitsa (south Bulgaria).
This course will involve seven days of practical philosophy lectures, dialogue and reflective exercises. As well as forest bathing, archery, hiking, lighting a fire without matches and making flat bread on the coals.
The aim is to achieve practical steps to move beyond the limitations of every day life. This requires a re-evaluation of all values.

Inspired by philosophers like F. Nietzsche, J. Krishnamurti and Raimon Panikkar, Miriam and Peter will take the participants onto a radical journey into the unknown.

Course costs:

600 Euro per person. The fee includes the course, food and accommodation.

Due to limited places, the selection process is based on a good working knowledge of English.
A background in philosophy is useful but not required.


(Monday 12 Sept fly into Sofia)

Tuesday 13 Sept day 1 -pick-up in Sofia

Wednesday 14 Sept – day 2

Thursday 15 Sept – day 3

Friday 16 Sept – day 4

Saturday 17 Sept – day 5

Sunday 18 Sept – day 6

Monday 19 Sept – day 7

Tuesday 20 Sept, travel back to Sofia by our bus

(Wednesday 21 Sept fly back home)


Miriam Lancewood
Physical & Outdoor Education teacher.
Author of international Bestseller “Woman in the Wilderness”, and “Wild at heart”.

Peter Raine, PhD in environmental studies. Author of “Who guards the guardians?” Intercultural dialogue and environmental guardianship.
“Le chaman et l’ecologiste”

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“Words can’t really describe what I experienced during the course. You’d have to be there to understand. I had a fantastic week! I really did re-evaluate all my values and returned home strong
with an open heart and mind
and full of life”
Johanna, Ireland
” I highly recommend this inspiring deep-dive lead by two people who dare to question every single thing we build our lives on. Just being together with them makes your heart less fearful and your mind expand!” Judith from Italy.
It was an amazing week put together by two inspiring people. This course invited me to have a very close look at my believe system and turned everything around. Peter and Miriam provided a safe space to challenge myself, spend time with a great crew, have fun and getting back to my roots.  With much love and gratitude, Noah
Theo (70) the Netherlands: “The course was a wonderful experience: enjoying the beautiful nature and getting to know yourself better.”
“It was fun, fascinating challenging and stretching everyday ! Feels like my own personal great reset. Ever so greatful ❤️” Marion
“The Philosophy in Nature course was the best week of my life” LYDIA
“Amazing week. I felt so welcome, free, and intellectually challenged in a new and exciting way.” Dr. Iris Ghielen
“This course is a real eye opener. Brought to each of us with a lot of love and attention. The words Freedom is for free, keep crossing my mind.” Maria, Belgium
“I came with no preconceived ideas, no expectations, but returned home with a sense of urgency. Action was inevitable and I’m no longer willing to accept mediocracy and let life slip away.
If you’re looking for something, but you don’t know what, if you’re willing to change your perspectives, embrace insecurity, gain new and exciting insights, and follow your own path – then I’d highly recommend following this course. It’s nothing like I’ve ever experienced before.” Arnoud
“Wat een geweldige ervaring om deze innerlijke ontdekkingsreis naar een andere vrije wereld te mogen verkennen! Een prachtige en zeer waardevolle verreiking om mee aan de slag te gaan!” Eric.
Miriam en Peter bieden een wonderbaarlijke reis die naast toppen van onbekende Europese bergen ook filosofische hoogtes toegankelijk maakt. Wibe Sam
“Joining this course made me step out of my comfort zone and look at the world, life and myself with different eyes. I found answers to questions I didn’t know I had and it helped me make some difficult life decisions. Thank you both so much for this life changing week in Gudevitsa!” Maggie.