Epic Female Expedition

In the summer of 2019, Miriam Lancewood survived 2,5 months
in the alpine wilderness of New Zealand on her Epic Female Expedition
with professional adventurer Tamar Valkenier.
They climbed many high mountains, without following a trail or path. They crossed milky glacier rivers, without being able to see the bottom. They ate what they could hunt and gather. They were never far from snow and ice.
They lived on the edge, forced to live in the moment,
because they stepped every day into the unknown.



In order to maintain good general health, they had to eat all parts of animals, including heart/liver/kidney/lungs/testicles/tongue, grasshoppers and crickets,
and all edible herbs and alpine berries:



If you are very strong and fit and an experienced hunter/gatherer and would like to partake in an extreme INTO THE WILD journey like this:
Please contact Miriam on the form below:

Please note: Hunting deer, goat, hares, chamois, and other introduced animals  in New Zealand is different from eliminating these animals in their native habitat. Introduced mammals are seen to be destructive to New Zealand flora and fauna (especially alpine), and the governments is actively encouraging hunting. If the hunters do not do their job, they resort to dropping poison in the environment: this causes more suffering.