Epic expedition nz

In the summer of 2019 Miriam organised an Epic Female Expedition in New Zealand. The aim was to walk for 10 weeks over five mountain ranges from Arthur’s Pass to Wanaka, with no food, just a rod and rifle.

Female Expedition 2019

Miriam Lancewood and Tamar Valkenier had to find a way over unknown terrain and high passes. Faced with unexpected waterfalls, wild glacial rivers, impossible rockfaces and ice cold weather they were forced to use all their survival skills. It was a journey of exploring ones very limits.

The pair survived by eating totara berries, snow berries, many wild herbs and hunting hares, geese, deer, and possums. To receive all possible nutrition they ate the organs, including the testicals and brain.

The journey is described in Miriams latest book Wild At Heart (Liefde in de wildernis) which is now out in the shops and online. Click here to watch Miriam’s Youtube Video:


Female Expedition 2019

During the expedition Miriam and Tamar were visited by an Canadian Television Crew for the popular TV Series En Marge Du Monde.

Or copy link: https://www.tv5unis.ca/videos/en-marge-du-monde/saisons/1/episodes/7

Female Expedition 2019

The Dutch celebrity Floortje Dessing came to visit for Terug Naar Het Einde Van De Wereld. Watch the Dutch Episode here on NPO :


Floortje Dessing Terug naar het einde van de wereld met Miriam Lancewood
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